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• 12/11/2016

Message from the Founder

This is the founder, Ismael Perez Ψ (talk • contribs • blog) and I created this site less than almost three years now. Sorry if I haven't returned for a long time, but I have a lot of stuff to do. Though I am glad to see active users contributing once in a while. Even though I am not constantly checking over this site, I would occasionally come back to thank you all.
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• 6/30/2016

Message from the founder

Hello, I'm Ismael Perez, founder of this wiki. I haven't contributed much due to personal projects but I've noticed that since I left, there's been a lot of things going on from here and there. So just to say that I'll be more active at Fantendo for now.
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• 5/10/2015

I might become active this summer of 2015.

I apologize if I have been too long since I ever contributed to the site. I thank Goldwind1 and The Ruver Nile-2 for taking care.
As you may have noticed, I've been semi-retired since last summer. Mainly because I'm very busy in school, on Google+, YouTube and home. I have still responded to others. But I might return to the site as a regular contributor shortly this summer.
If you have any questions, please leave it in my user talk page and I'll respond back. Thank you!
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• 1/7/2015

Happy 1-year anniversary!

I know that I've been few days short, but I am happy that it has been a year of both good and bad experiences since January 3rd of last year, so happy New Years and thanks a lot! :-)
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• 12/22/2014

Annual awards

The 2015 Stirling Awards has started!
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• 5/14/2014

Definition of spam

I have proposed a definition for spam and I need public opinion of the definition. What do you consider spam?
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• 2/8/2014

I will be temporarily away.

I will be working on The Amazing World of Gumball Fanon Wiki if you would like to participate. I already posted an adoption request so I may be an admin or bureaucrat there soon.
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• 1/30/2014

Mercia- UDI 1995 has arrived!

From the The 'Implausible' Alternate History Wiki, Mercia- UDI 1995 has reached the future! Come on in and check it out!
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• 1/22/2014

CheckUser request

I contacted Wikia for a check user request to stop all this spam and vandalism.
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• 1/16/2014

The comments feature is now off.

As requested by Local Mafia Boss on my talk page, I put the proposal on the Main Page. The ratio of people for the proposal and against the proposal is 3:2, which means that one more person is for the proposal than against the proposal. I am personally against the proposal. If you want the feature to be turned back on, please reply your request on this page. Thank you!
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