I wonder if you guys are still active....

Hello, it's me, Ismael777. I am the founder of this wiki and its been about 4-and-a-half years since.
I haven't been contributing to this wiki in about a year, or more, because I had to deal things from school. I am dually enrolled in both college and high school and being in that situation I didn't have the time and energy to be on Wikia.
Now that its summer and I have recovered from intense stress and sleep deprivation, I'll be back for a while to check how things are.
As for this wiki, I am really no longer interested in it. Sure, I might come back once in a blue moon, but I'm just not interested. If there are any active Brasses, you may adopt this wiki or you can request adoption on Wikia's community site.
Right now, I am more focused on a new Alternate History Wiki on Miraheze. It was created about a year ago by Althistory Wiki's Lieutenant JoshTheRoman. He made it private but I am trying to see if he's still active and if he'll let me adopt the wiki. Hopefully it is a better place than Althistory on Wikia.
(P.S., who came up with the board name, lol?)