This alternate future timeline shares a common past with Alternate History Wikia timelines "America first in space " and "Alan Shepard, first man in space " and even our OTL, but what will happen if an alien contact happens in 2016?


2016: A small spaceship of alien race arrives at Earth in discreet manner and makes contact with a human after the latter aroused the former's attention. Eventually, due to the zeal of the human to use the aliens to his own ends, the aliens succumbed to his zeal and decides to make open contact with Earth.

Allen Telescope Array is the first to officially detect the alien signal, afterwards, the human, now an "emissary" for both himself and the aliens, stationed three big UFOs above New York, London and Sydney, while he and his band of aliens land at Washington DC to proclaim the start of "alien age". The emissary uses a telecontrolled body to do the job on Earth initially.

Things nearly turn horribly bad when the emissary executes his long hypothetical plan by making suborbital trajectory to Moscow and forced the Russian President at a gunpoint to conduct a major policy change/shift. Superweapons are stationed on GEO above Russia.

2017: In this timeline, the forced policy change imposed on Russia is succesful, and an additional effect happens when the Russian President is forced to make way for a more liberal president after the Russians realized that resistance is futile.

Upon seeing his plan successful, the emissary decides to join the aliens and left the Earth for good.

2018: The United Nations decides to allow deployment of space weapons in outer space.

2020: By this time, a space force is created to defend against hostile aliens. Beginning of R&D of technologies like directed energy weapons and force shields designed to counter space radiation.

2030: By this year, communist states like China, North Korea and Cuba ceased to exist. Manned Mars mission is underway. Directed energy weapons is now available. The artificial intelligence technology is mature at this point.

2040: At this year, the humans begin to plan for building space colony on Mars, Moon and some outer Solar System bodies. Construction of a Von Braun style rotating space station begins at this point.

2070Reversible cryonics become possible arouns this time.

2080: Completion of the Von Braun style rotating wheel space station, while the Lunar and Martian bases are nearing completion.

2090: Around this decade married couple gave birth to a baby in the rotating space station, making them the first humans to give birth in space. It is worth to mention that at this timeline and among the couple, the male, who is Australian, is a descendent of the Australian actress Alexandra Coppinger, and the female is an American. Alcubierre drive is in R&D stage.

2100: At this time, with the completion of the Lunar and Martian bases, plus some smaller bases in the Outer Solar System, humans have became an interplanetary species. Force shields is now available. Space based solar power plant is operational. An interstellar robotic probe based on the Project Longshot concept is being sent to Alpha Centauri system, the closest star system to our Solar System.

2200: Around this period, the interstellar probe arrives at the Alpha Centauri system.

2300: At this time, the humans had captured a Near Earth asteroid into Earth orbit and hollowed out its core before making it an inside out asteroid colony.

2400: By this year Alcubierre drive is available and operational. By this time the humanity civilization is a Kardashev I civilization.

Some technologies created or matured during this timeline (from 2016 to 2400)Edit

  • Agricultural robot
  • Cultured meat
  • 3d printing
  • Arcology
  • Screenless displays
  • Airborne Wind Turbine
  • Fusion power
  • Space based solar power
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Reversible Cryonics
  • Suspended Animation
  • Weather control/engineering
  • Oncolytic Virus
  • Head Transplant
  • Directed energy weapon
  • Artificial Gravity
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Hypertelescope (used to find extrasolar planets and detect extraterrestrial threats)
  • Solar gravitational lens observatory
  • Inflatable space habitat
  • Miniaturized satellite
  • Personal rapid transit
  • Reuseable launch system
  • Scramjet
  • Solar sail
  • Propellant depot
  • Alcubierre warp drive
  • Nuclear thermal rocket
  • Virtual reality
  • Ion thrusters
  • SSTO (Single stage to orbit) Spaceplanes

Some Solar System planets and places (other than Earth) with human outposts by 2400Edit

  • Mercury (most located near the poles)
  • Venus (mainly floating cities)
  • Near-Earth Space (both orbital and Lagragian, including an asteroid habitat orbiting near Earth, a Stanford Torus, an O'Neill cylinder and the aforementioned von-Braun type station)
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Asteroids (both near Earth and main belt, primarily for mining)
  • Ceres (outpost)
  • Jupiter's moons (especially Ganymede and Callisto)
  • The Saturnian system, mostly concetrated on moons Iapetus and Titan
  • Uranus (floating colony in the gas giant, outpost at some significant moons like Miranda)
  • Neptunian moon Triton (outpost)
  • Pluto and Charon
  • Eris
  • Haumea
  • Makemake
  • Sedna
  • Some trans-Neptunian and Kuiper belt objects, in form of inside-out colonies

Some significant political changes on Earth during this timelineEdit

  • Ireland has reunified with its northern part.
  • Russia has a big loss on its territories as Karelia is returned to Finland, while Chechnya, Siberia, Tuva, Kalmykia, Sakha and Crimea gains independence.
  • Puerto Rico get its independence from USA.
  • Tibet and Xinjiang regions secedes from China, while the latter has become a federal republic akin to the United States after the Nationalist government regains power when the Chinese Communist Party collapsed.
  • Northern Epirus of Albania has joined Greece.
  • Cuba becomes a democratic state once again.
  • Assyria, Kurdistan secede from Iraq to form independent states.
  • Korea is reunified under the Republic of Korea government.
  • Quebec seceded from Canada.
  • The Baja California part of the Mexico gains independence.
  • Greenland and Faroe Islands gains independence.
  • Alawite state has been created after seceding from Syria.
  • Basque gets its independence from Spain.
  • Japan gets some of its disputed islands back from Russia but it lost Ryukyu as the latter gains independence.
  • Sabah and Sarawak seceded from Malaysia to form a Kalimantan state with the Indonesian provinces.
  • Norfolk Island gains independence from Australia after a referendum.
  • The United Nations Security Council has been reformed by adding two members Brazil and South Africa into its Permanent member ranks. Besides that, the UNSC changed the number requirement of veto from 1 to 2.
  • Cyprus is reunified.
  • Romania reunited with Moldova.
  • Copts gets its own state from Egypt.
  • Some lands from Russia, including Heixiazi islands are ceded to China.
  • By 2400, all of the human governments are democratic in one way or another.
  • A United Nations Parlimentary Assembly is created.
  • Most importantly, a UN treaty is negiotated and ratified to allow nuclear weapons to be placed in space, provided it is used to deflect asteroids, propel a nuclear pulse spacecraft and even defend against hostile aliens, albeit with the authorization of the United Nations Security Council.