1. |name=Christian States of America
  2. |common_name=Christian States of America
  3. |otl=AL, AR, GA, FL, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV
  4. |flag=CSAFlag.png|300px
  5. |language=English
  6. |language_other= Cherokee, French, Mohawk, Spanish
  7. |religion=Protestant Christian
  8. |religion_other=Catholic Christian, Eastern Orthodox Christian and the Salvation Army
  9. |ethnic_group=White
  10. |ethnic_other=Black, Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginal American
  11. |demonym= American
  12. |regime = Republic
  13. |governing_body = Federal Christian republic
  14. |Anthem=Amazing Grace
  15. |motto=To God be the Glory
  16. |capital=Atlanta
  17. |city_largest=Jacksonville
  18. |HoStitle=President
  19. |CoGtitle=Vice President
  20. |population=57,000,000 (2025)
  21. |ind_from=the United States
  22. |ind_date=January 23, 2018
  23. |ind_rec=January 9, 2024
  24. |currency=CSA dollar



The CSA constitution is very similar to the orignal U.S. version. There are some notable differences;

US Constitution CSA Constitution
There are 2 senators per state with 6-year term and serves without term limits. There are 4 senators per state with 8-year term and may seek re-election once.
Representaives are elected to a 2-year term and serves without term limits. Representaives are elected to a 4-year term and may seek re-election three times.
The president is elected for a term of 4-years and serves without term limits. The president is elected for term of 6-years and and may seek re-election once.
The president does not have the line-item veto. The president has the line-item veto.


With the ratification of the CSA Consitution, the CSA officially established the Christian States Armed Forces:

  • Christian States Army
  • Christian States Air Force
  • Christian States Navy
  • Christian States Marine Corps

The Christian Republican Army currently stands at around 240,000 soldiers.

The Christian Republican National Guard serves as the reserve for the armed forces and stands at around 1,900,000 men. Women are only permitted to be on the military bases as wives, daughters, aunts or as widows.

Civil rightsEdit

Society is reeorganized along a militarized and cult-Christian regime style of interpreting the Holy Bible. Women are only permitted to read literature that is not considered to be "anti-Christian" and in the U.S. English language while men are permitted to read foreign literature in any language. Only men along with childless unmarried women can acquire employment.


The CSA economy is a free-market economy based mostly small business, agriculture, and manufacturing. Women have no opportunity for a separate economy or authorship over the household finances; this is done simply by freezing their electronic bank accounts.

Its extremely low taxes created a misogynistic environment where the wealthy kept most of their cash to themselves and prevent laws from being passed that could have created true gender equality.

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