Location: At war +5

Next to war +4
Same Landmass +3
Same Continent +2
Same Hemisphere +1
Other Side of the World -5

Tactical Advantage: Suprise +5

Surrounding +10
Guerilla War +3
Island Defense +5

Strength: I:+2.5


Motive: Life or Death: +10

Provoked: +8
Cultural: +6
Political: +4
Gain Land: +2
Ally System: 0
Economic: -6

Chance: RNG 1-5

Size of Arny: +2 per 2000

Recent Wars: +1 per victory, -1 per defeat. After 5 years of war all wars from then count as a Defeat regardless of actual result

+10 for participation

Stability:+your stability

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