The Food and Drink Act is a law King Ismael Perez I made for the Caribbean Empire. The law states that is illegal to slaughter and sell animals or people for food. It is also illegal to import meat products and animals breed for meat into the empire.

They follow a strict, Lacto-Vegetarian diet called Epitrepst (Anglo-Caribbean) or Epitrestos (Hispanic-Caribbean). To know of the food is Epitrest, they will be a Caribbean Seal with an "E" in the hexagon. The reason why they must be vegetarian because there's an taboo on eating meat.

The lawsEdit

Statement Summary Reason Penalty
1 No consumption of human and animal flesh It is disrespectful to eat the flesh of once living thing that was force to be cruely sacrificed.
2 Don't import breeds of domestic animals bred for their meat. If they are marketed for meat in other areas, It is best to not bring them to the empire's borders.

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