Deutsches Reich (1933 - 1943)
Großdeutsches Reich (1943 - present)
Greater German Reich
Nazi Germany
Flag of German Reich
War Flag of the German Reich

Nazi Germany at its greatest extent.

Population 141,790,147 (1990 Census)
Government Single-Party National Socialist Dictatorship
Languages German (Official)
Religions Reich Protestantism
Capital Berlin
Establishment January 30, 1933  (Machtergreifung)               February 27, 1933 (Gleichschaltung)                 March 12, 1938  (Anschluss)
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)

"Nazi Germany", officially the "Greater German Reich", and formerly the "German Reich" is a political entity located in Europe. It was founded in 1933 when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. In 1934 he became the sole Fuhrer of Germany, with all power centralized in his hands, with his word held above all laws.

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