Country: Texas (Tejas, tek-suh s)

Long Name: Republic of Texas

Population (2050): 54,369,297 (source: )

Currency: Texas Dollar (TXD; $)

GDP (2050): $844,324,700,000 USD (

Life Expectancy (2021-2098): 79 - 88 years

Unemployement Rate (2021-2098): 3.5% - .2%

National Anthem: Texas, Our Texas

-Unofficial: Yellow Rose of Texas

Capitol: Austin

Government Type: Republic

Largest City (2021): Dallas (Houston is short 2,000 people)

Motto: Liberty or Death (Spanish: La libertad de la Muerte)

Economic Cohort: High Income

Foreign Financial Aid: Very Low

Export to Import Ratio: 5:1

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