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  • Scotland and Northern Ireland receive maximum devolution, and become Crown Dependencies.
  • Wales stays the way it is.
  • Cornwall, London, Orkney and Shetland become constituent countries.
  • Birmingham becomes the new capital of the United Kingdom.


  • Isle of Man declares independence from the United Kingdom.
  • There is a Scottish independence referendum, but the result is a No.
  • Wales receive maximum devolution.
  • Gibraltar is annexed by Spain.


  • Scotland declares independence from the United Kingdom.
  • The Pitcairn Islands become an Overseas Territory of Scotland.
  • Guernsey and Jersey declare independence, and both unite as a kingdom known as the Channel Islands Kingdom.


  • London, Northern Ireland and Wales declare independence from the United Kingdom.
  • Cornwall is annexed by Wales as a constituent country.
  • Scotland annex Orkney and Shetland.
  • A new kingdom is created known as the United Caribbean Kingdom. It includes Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Montserrat. The capital is George Town.
  • The United Kingdom is renamed to the Kingdom of England.


  • England try to annex Scotland and Wales.

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