United Socialist Republic of Bulgaria and Macedonia consists of [1], [2] and [3].

December 2019 attackEdit

Nuked atEdit

  1. Varana Russian naval base- 2x 15kt.
  2. Yambol Bulgaria/Russian joint airbase.- 2x 15kt.

Hit by a conventional cruse missileEdit

  1. JNA Third Army barracks in Skopje.
  2. Buzludzha Soviet/Russian command center/Red Army memorial.
  3. Burgas naval base (twice).


  1. Founded- January, 2020.
  2. Capitol- Sofia.
  3. Population- 10,545,000.
    1. 827,831 died in the attack.
  4. Official language- Bulgarian (circa ~75%) and Macedonian (circa ~15%).
    1. Other languages- Some Greek, Romani, Turkish, Serbian and Albanian.
  5. Regime- Communist republic.
  6. Religion: Orthodox Christianity (officaly it is banned, but most people follow it anyhow).
    1. Minority groups: Roman Catholicism, Sunni Islam, Judaism, Irreligious and Atheist.
  7. Ethnic groups: Bulgarians and Macedonians.
    1. Minority groups:Turks, Romanians, Serbs, Pomaks, Aromans, Vlach, Christian Romani, Muslim Romani people Monti Negrins, Bulgarian, Kosovar Albanian and Greeks.

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